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BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

BUCHEN excels at its work thanks to the innovative technology it deploys. Our specialists also develop novel technical solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers as well as optimise technical applications and processes

Technology for each and every need

BUCHEN KraftwerkService has its own large fleet of vehicles including powerful high pressure water pumps, vacuum/suction vehicles and high pressure compressors. Moreover, we also have an extensive range of ultra high pressure and high pressure water jetting equipment.

Vacuum/suction trucks

  • Vacuum/suction trucks are used to vacuum up and blow solid, semi-solid, dry or liquid materials. They can also be deployed for hazardous substances.

    • Technical data
      Description high-lift vacuum/suction truck
      Model e.g. VacuPress 8000 HEB
      Output bis 8.000 m3/h 900 mbar
      Tank volume bis 14,5 m3
      Tank material stainless steel V4 A
      Discharge options tipping, outlet NW 150, blower or big bag
      Special feature licensed in acc. with ADR, SIR*

      * Stichting Industriële Reiniging (Industrial Cleaning Foundation, NL)

    • Vehicles with tanks that are able to hold up to 14.5m³

    • Technical data
      DescriptionElectrical vacuum truck
      Output6000 m3/h
      Electrical drive160 KW
      Collecting capacity approx.4,4/7,0 m3/to
      Voltage400/50 V/Hz
      Power supplyElectrical
      Noise level at 7 m distance approx. average value<79 dB(A)
    • Electrical vacuum truck with an output of 6000 m3/h

High pressure water pumps

  • BUCHEN KraftwerkService deploys a range of high pressure pumps and mounting structures to generate high pressure water jets.

    • Technical data
      Descriptionhigh pressure pump
      Modele.g. HDP 403
      Outputmax. 650 l/min, max. 1,400 bar
      Powered bydiesel
      Transported byBDF* interchangeable system, 26t chassis

      * German Hauliers’ Association

    • High pressure pumps up to 1,400 bar

Compressed air technology

  • Powerful compressed air technology is used to enable blasting work to be carried out with high pressure water jets or other types of blasting media

    • Technical data
      Descriptionhigh pressure compressor with fixtures & blasting equipment
      Output21m3/min, 12 bar
      Powered bydiesel
      Transported bytrailer
      Special featurerefinery equipment
    • A mobile high pressure compressor for use on site at our customers’


  • A dust extraction unit cleans the dusty exhaust gas or -air flows, especially in incineration- and industry plants. The gases have to be cleaned before they can be drained in the exhaust air. 

    • Technical data
      DescriptionDust extraction unit
      Type of driveelectrical
      Flow rate0-35.000 m3/h
      Differential pressure0-5.000 Pa
      Engine power55 kW
      Electrical input400 V/125 A
      Residual dust 1 mg/m3
    • Electrical dust extraction unit for cleaning of dusty exhaust gas or -air flows.

BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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    All departments are certified to the required extent in quality and safety management throughout Europe.

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