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We generally use acid solutions for our wet chemical cleaning processes – and only ever suitable chemicals that have been tried and tested

Neutralisation process

    • The wet chemical process is used to remove stubborn deposits or any residue rust left over after plant sections have been cleaned using other wet cleaning methods. Chemical processes are deployed if the type of material and deposit make them necessary or if this method means we can achieve better results – especially in sections or facilities that are particularly difficult to access. 

      Cleaning systems involving chemicals are primarily used to clean plant sections found at power plants, waste incineration plants and boiler plants as well as at chemical, food processing and industrial businesses (refineries) 

    • For you to browse through: our flyer on our wet chemical cleaning services as a PDF file

    Before & after: before a project can begin, those in charge must first decide which cleaning equipment should be used as well as how much and what type of chemical will be needed

Cleaning in Place (CIP)

  • Closed-loop chemical cleaning methods are used in systems involving fluids in order to restore the metal surfaces in heat exchangers, condensers and coolers to their original shiny state

  • Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems are primarily used in areas or facilities that are particularly difficult to access. Thanks to this type of cleaning process, the machine or facility part can be cleaned by regulating the use of cleaning detergents, pressure levels and temperatures (a closed-loop rinse cycle) without the system having to be dismantled first. Excellent cleaning results can be achieved using this method in, for example, combustion chambers, superheaters, convection zones, containers, pipes and fittings.

Bespoke formulas

  • As with any cleaning process, it is essential to first take a detailed look at the part that is due to be cleaned. A sample of the residue must be taken in order to determine exactly what chemicals can be used. Various solutions are then tested out on this sample in the company’s own laboratory. By doing so, we can create the best cleaning detergent and, as a result, achieve the best cleaning results. 

    • Our chemists decide exactly how much and exactly what types of chemical should be used for each individual project. We achieve excellent cleaning results with this method in, for example:

      • combustion chambers
      • superheaters
      • convection zones & air preheaters
      • containers
      • pipes
      • fittings

      We reduce the amount of residue generated to a minimum. Any materials left over are treated using environmentally sound processes. If you wish, we can also arrange for the materials to be collected, transported and sent for disposal!

    • Our wet chemical cleaning systems are able to remove deposits from the narrowest of spaces

BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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