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BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

The shock waves created by the detonation process dislodge the various types of deposit

Detonative technology for cleaning combustion chambers in large boilers

    • We use detonative cleaning technology to remove deposits of dust, dirt and other kinds of material. These deposits are dislodged by the shock waves created by the detonation process. The amount of explosives used depends on the volume of fouling that needs to be removed but this amount is always kept at a safe level so your plant is never at risk.

      The igniters and cartridges containing industrial gelatinous explosives, which we use to carry out our detonative cleaning work, are all made by German manufacturers. By deploying a special camera, we are able to observe the online detonation process as it takes place in the combustion chamber.

    • For you to browse through: our flyer on our detonative cleaning services as a PDF file

    Thanks to this detonative cleaning system, large volumes of deposits are broken up into smaller pieces within no time at all so that they can then be removed from the chamber. Detonative technologies are combined with standard cleaning systems

We can offer you a comprehensive package of services

  • Our portfolio of services includes conventional offline cleaning work, when a plant has been shut down, as well as online detonative work whilst the plant is still in operation to prevent you having to shut down and restart your facility for it to be cleaned. Typically, this type of cleaning system is used in waste incineration plants as well as to clean power plant boilers and large containers. Our company has been accredited in accordance with Section 7 of the ‘SprengstoffG’ (German Explosives Act). Moreover, we a member of the Deutscher Sprengverband e.V. (German Explosives Association) which means we always have access to the latest technical and market developments.

    • Our services:

      • Detonative cleaning services in industrial facilities
      • Controlled explosion of unsafe structures
      • Online detonative cleaning services
      • Explosions in hot material
      • General detonative services
      • Controlled explosion of boulders
      • Controlled explosion of (parts of) buildings/structures 
    • Our explosives engineers have been licensed in accordance with Section 20 of the ‘SprengstoffG’ (German Explosives Act). They are highly motivated operatives with many years of experience

BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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