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BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

Alpine specialists are utilized, wherever cranes or scaffolds cannot be used or they are too expensive

Rope-aided cleaning technology – Alpine specialists as industrial service providers

    • Whether it pertains to the safety cleaning of membrane tube walls, furnace ceilings and manifolds, or cleaning and maintenance work in power plant boiler houses, industrial climbers barely interfere with daily operations. This working method is quick, safe, efficient and cost-effective.

    • For you to browse through: our flyer on our rope-aided cleaning technology as a PDF file

    Rope-aided work at great heights is used for cleaning, testing, inspections and maintenance work

Rope access technique

  • By using the sandblasting method, deposits and incrustation can be removed reliably

  • The cleaning specialists use the so-called rope-aided cleaning technology. This term is used for all rope-aided work carried which is out on structures or buildings that are difficult to access, e. g. radio towers, silos or industrial plants. Each climber is protected by two separately secured ropes. Our Alpine specialists are experienced and well-trained industrial cleaning experts, who always employ project-specific, special and safe processes, as well as the proper equipment appropriate for the task.


    • Cleaning work in large furnaces
    • Cleaning and maintenance work in power plant boiler houses
    • Cleaning and maintenance work in industrial plants
    • Facade repair
    • Surface technology work and many more

    Furthermore we offer you optional Water Management. The costs of this service will pay for itself after just a few days.

BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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