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BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

BUCHEN KraftwerkService specialises in cleaning all surface areas found inside and outside boilers – using mechanical technology and material-friendly tools

Boiler cleaning services plus transport and disposal of all types of deposits found on heating surfaces and steam generators

  • If the properties of the fuel change in the boiler – such as its calorific value, moisture content or the size of the pieces – then this not only alters the speed that the fuel is dried out, ignited and burnt off but also where these reactions actually take place. The results are unwanted deposits along the whole of the heating surface and steam generator which in turn makes the plant less efficient to run. We can offer you an extensive package of services covering the removal, transport and disposal of all types of fouling found on the heating surface and steam generator. 

    The chemical and physical properties of some fuels – such as biomass, municipal waste, household waste fractions and residue derived fuels – fluctuate greatly which can make the process and the timing of the process difficult to control. For the most part, such unexpected fluctuations in the fuel properties have a negative impact on the combustion process and the composition of the flue gas as well as on energy efficiency levels. 

  • Careful planning and good teamwork between the operatives and partners are a must if a boiler is to be cleaned quickly and the plant up and running again in as short a time as possible

    For you to browse through: our industrial services flyer as a PDF file 

Cleaning boilers using sandblasting technology

  • BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH specialises in cleaning all types of heating surface using mechanical technology and material-friendly tools.

    We can offer you a comprehensive package of services:

    • Cleaning of SIC material and refractory concrete
    • Blasting work in preparation for measuring the thickness of walls
    • Preparing for cladding
    • Blasting work in preparation for welding with stainless steel
    • Blasting work to prepare steel surfaces in acc. with DIN EN ISO 8501-1 SA 2.0 – SA 2.5 – SA 3.0
    • Removal of residual adhesive from tile systems
    • Vacuuming up all incineration residue and any residue generated by the cleaning work
  • We reduce the amount of residue generated to a minimum. Any materials left over are treated using environmentally sound processes. If required, we can also arrange for the materials to be collected, transported and sent for disposal

Cleaning boilers using high pressure water jets

  • Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to provide our customers with a highly reliable and efficient service using high pressure water jet technology to remove:

    • Refractory concrete and SIC material 
    • Coke deposits on heat exchangers
    • Algae and green patina on concrete & wooden cooling towers
    • Deposits in pipes
    • Rubber lining and coatings in plants, containers, pipes etc
    • Deposits in chimneys

    Chemicals are not needed as this cleaning system is completely mechanical – making the very most of the power of the water

BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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