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BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

Thanks to its air and gas preheater cleaning services, BUCHEN KraftwerkService is able to remove dirt and deposits from air and gas preheaters using high pressure water jets – a fast and material-friendly method

Air/gas preheater cleaning services

  • BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH has designed and developed its own fully automated, computer-controlled system for cleaning air and gas preheaters using high pressure water jets. This well-engineered system is mobile, self-contained and only needs electricity and water. This is a cost-effective and fast method for cleaning preheaters, in particular Ljungström and Rothemühle models.

    This UHP water jetting system enables the heating surfaces of air preheaters to be rinsed off and cleaned more effectively and more rapidly than ever before – and the results are excellent, too.

  • For you to browse through: our flyer on our air/gas preheater cleaning services as a PDF file

Deposits affect a plant's overall performance

  • The flue gases (exhaust gases) generated by the combustion process are used in the air and gas preheaters at power plants to heat up the fresh air required for the incineration process. As the fuel does not need to heat up the air, the plant needs fewer raw materials and the boiler's heating surfaces can be made smaller.

    Deposits on the heating surface of air and gas preheaters, however, cause a whole range of problems and have a major impact on the plant's operations. The amount of heat transferred is gradually reduced and the negative pressure rises. The result: forced draught fans and induced draught fans are unable to work as efficiently as they should. All these factors mean that the power plant operates less effectively than before.

  • If deposits build up on the surfaces of air or gas preheaters, then less heat is transferred and the steam generation process becomes less effective

How you benefit

  • Our well-engineered system can offer you a host of advantages - whether you need it for a planned shutdown or in the case of a breakdown. This method cleans your plant far more cost-effectively than the standard systems available on the market.

    You benefit from:

      • Optimum cleaning results
      • Heat transfer in acc. with planning data
      • A clear reduction in  Δp
      • Removal of the most stubborn deposits using high pressure water jetting by varying pressure levels & volumes of water
      • Shorter cleaning times
      • An extension of the operational life of the facility
      • An extension of plant availability
      • Energy savings
      • Shorter turnarounds
      • Increased levels of health & safety
      • Optional service: wastewater management

    A diagram showing the method deployed by BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH to clean air and gas preheaters plus the optional services of wastewater management and the transport and disposal of the residual materials

BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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