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BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

BUCHEN KraftwerkService has developed its own automated high pressure process which has been specially designed for cleaning air coolers – a particularly non-abrasive and efficient system

Air cooler cleaning services

    • Air coolers and air cooled condensers are used in waste incineration plants, RDF plants and biomass-fired power plants to condense the steam back into water. These are heat exchangers with finned tubes that cool the medium down by allowing the heat to pass to the surrounding atmosphere.

      However, if there are deposits in these systems, then it takes longer to cool the medium down, the condensation process is made more difficult and the power plant operates less efficiently.

    • For you to browse through: our flyer on our air cooler cleaning services as a PDF file

    Deposits are particularly likely to build up during the spring and autumn months due to external influences

The process

  • We have developed our own automated and cost-effective high pressure cleaning system which we use to clean air/water coolers and air cooled condensers to increase system availability. This equipment can be used for both shutdowns as well as in the case of a breakdown. 

    • The water runs through the sensitive finned tubes – always from the same distance and at the same angle – and removes the residue. A system that is extremely gentle on the material

    • The advantages of our automated system:

      • A clear improvement in efficiency levels
      • Excellent cleaning results
      • Less time needed to complete the work
      • Greater effectiveness
      • Material-friendly system
      • The large number of jets allow large surface areas to be cleaned at the same time
      • A safer system for our operatives 

      We can also manage the water if you wish. The costs of this service have paid for themselves within just a few days.

BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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