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BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

Working at height is just one the many specialist services offered by BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

Being flexible to create perfect results

    • BUCHEN KraftwerkService uses many different types of cleaning processes which have been especially adapted to the requirements of power plants and which, in many cases, can only be performed by specially trained operatives. Depending on the needs of our customers, we are also able to offer a range of additional special services. Such services include industrial vacuum extraction and cleaning using our mobile vacuum units, working at height with industrial climbers and managing waste to name just a few. 

    • We draw up bespoke packages of services that meet your exact needs. This means less work for you and simpler processes during shutdown periods.

    By collaborating with the other companies in our group, we can offer our customers a wide range of industrial services in addition to our own

Vacuum work

  • Our mobile heavy duty vacuum units and high performance vacuum/suction trucks are all licensed in accordance with ADR and TRbF* and have an output of up to 8,100 m³/h. With such a powerful output, they can cover a radius of approx. 300m without having to be moved. This technology can be used for many different situations – for example to vacuum up dusty, dry, semi-solid and liquid substances. This equipment also has the necessary licences so it can convey hazardous materials involving WEL (workplace exposure limit) values. As it has been made with a special steel alloy, it is able to vacuum up a whole range of aggressive substances. The contents can be discharged into big bags or containers in a variety of ways as it has tipping, blower and ejection mechanisms. 

    * Technical regulations for flammable and combustible liquids

  • A powerful multi-functional machine for clean results

Waste management

  • Organisation, facilities, specialist knowledge and reliability – these are the essentials when it comes to the recycling or disposal of waste

  • Cleaning work generally involves residual waste which also needs to be managed. We draw up integrated concepts which cover the recycling/disposal of the waste materials generated and take all legal regulations into account. Our range of services include:

    • Safely collecting and storing all waste generated on site 
    • Classifying and declaring the waste in acc. with ADR and drawing up all waste management documents incl. movement documents
    • Transporting the waste
    • Recycling and/or disposing of the waste at the group’s certified plants and facilities

CCTV pipe inspections

  • Cutting-edge CCTV camera systems are used to assess the state of facilities, pipes and networks. We have a wide range of technology enabling us to deploy our cameras both in areas that can or cannot be entered by our operatives as well as in explosive environments. Depending on our customers’ wishes, the data is stored as images for video, CD or DVD devices. Moreover, if requested, the data can be integrated into our customers’ computer systems. 

  • Our high performance CCTV inspection vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art computer and camera technology and are operated by specially trained staff

Sewer cleaning work

  • Two in one: a cleverly combined suction vehicle and high pressure pump

  • Besides its range of ultra high pressure pumps, BUCHEN KraftwerkService also operates modern vacuum/suction vehicles that are able to simultaneously vacuum up any residue generated and transport it away. Our equipment has an output of up to 500 l/min (280 bar) and can hold over 16m³. This means that we can clean pipes with a diameter of up to DN 2000. All vehicles have been licensed in accordance with ADR and TRbF*.

    * Technical regulations for flammable and combustible liquids

Boiler house cleaning work

  • Our operatives ensure you have a clean and safe boiler house and/or engine room – either at the end of a shutdown period or whilst your plant is up and running. Thanks to their specialist training, years of experience and cutting-edge equipment, they achieve excellent results within no time at all.

    The heat engines, driven by the generated steam, are located in the boiler house 

Manual cleaning services

  • Despite all the mechanical equipment available on the market and the advances made in the area of automation, there are still a range of tasks that need to be carried out by hand. We are very happy to perform this work for you, having selected the right specialists for the task on hand. 

  • Manually cleaning small parts using high pressure water jets

Remediation & dismantling work

  • The focus of our renovation and dismantling operations is on remediation work – clearing up contaminated areas and buildings as well as dismantling old plants

  • By collaborating with the other companies in the BUCHEN Group and making the most of their wide range of skills and expertise, we are able to perform all the tasks required for shutdown, dismantling and remediation projects. Our portfolio of services ranges from examining and evaluating the contaminated area all the way through to completing the remediation work – with everything being provided by just one company. Examples here include asbestos removal from buildings, fire damage cleaning and repair work as well as cleaning up plants and facilities contaminated with PCB. 

Sludge dewatering services

  • Our company offers sludge and slurry treatment and dewatering services to reduce the volumes of material that need to be disposed of. To be able to do this, we use decanters, centrifuges or plate and frame filter presses. Moreover, we ensure that the material left over is sent to the most suitable disposal facility. 

    At the heart of the industrial sludge dewatering process: separating the solid from the liquid contents

Regular cleaning work

  • Our specialists can help you ensure your operations run smoothly by providing regular cleaning services with their state-of-the-art equipment. Whether it be control centres, bunkers, coal storage containers, boiler houses and engine rooms or your outdoor areas. 

BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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