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BUCHEN KraftwerkService’s locations

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1. BKS  
Welcome to BUCHEN KraftwerkService Being an industrial specialist, we are able to offer businesses operating conventional power stations, waste-to-energy plants, industrial incineration plants and…

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2. Overview  
From boiler cleaning services to rope access technology As a competent partner to industry, we offer operators of conventional power plants, waste incineration plants and industrial incineration…

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3. Boiler cleaning services  
Boiler cleaning. Mechanical cleaning work with a comprehensive range of services Having boilers cleaned on a regular basis helps plant operators to achieve their key goals: it ensures the…

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4. High pressure water jet cleaning services  
High pressure water jet cleaning services. A well-established service with a whole host of extras High pressure water jet cleaning services have been one of the BUCHEN Group’s core areas of…

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5. Rope access technology  
Rope access technology. There’s no area we can’t reach Work often has to be carried out in areas that are difficult to access. Setting up the technology and equipment to reach them can be both…

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6. Wet chemical cleaning services / neutralisation  
Wet chemical cleaning services. For those difficult cases and particularly demanding projects BUCHEN KraftwerkService also has a solution for situations where conventional cleaning systems cannot…

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7. Air cooler cleaning services  
Air cooler cleaning services. Optimising cleaning results with automation BUCHEN KraftwerkService uses an automated high pressure water jetting system that it developed itself to clean air coolers…

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8. Air / gas preheater cleaning services  
Air & gas preheater cleaning services. Excellent results in no time at all Deposits building up on the heating surface of air and gas preheaters can cause a whole range of problems and have a…

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9. Detonative cleaning services  
Detonative cleaning services. Efficiency and safety perfectly combined BUCHEN KraftwerkService’s detonative cleaning services enable you to not only have your combustion chambers and downstream…

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10. CO2 blasting technology  
CO2 blasting technology. For those parts with extra special requirements Companies offering industrial cleaning services can only achieve the very best results if they are able to use and offer…

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