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      • 15.05.2017

        10th anniversary celebrations in Cottbus

        • BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH is celebrating 10 years of business in Cottbus this June. The branch – which is headed by Frank-Holm Nowotnick and employs 40 people – offers all of our power plant services. Its main areas of expertise are, in particular, detonative cleaning services, working at height using special rope access technology and repairing and servicing respiratory equipment at its own specialist workshop. Our customers include operators of conventional power stations, waste incineration plants and RDF plants, businesses working within the chemical and petrochemical industry as well as medium-sized firms. Whilst the branch operates across the whole of country, its focus is primarily on the east of Germany and carrying out projects in countries such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Estonia.


      • 15.02.2017

        Application submitted for the 2017 German Occupational Safety Award

        • In January, BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH entered its radio communications concept for the German Occupational Safety Award. This award is presented every two years and includes a €10,000 cash prize. It is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, LASI [Federal State Committee for Safety and Health at Work] and DGUV [German Social Accident Insurance].

          The company’s radio communications concept makes it possible for operatives to remain in communication with one another even in the most difficult of conditions. Dust, dirt and high noise levels (>120dB) are not a problem for this system nor are the structural conditions at waste incineration plants. People can use their sandblasters and still talk to their colleagues outside the containers whenever they wish. This creates a number of advantages:

          • People can respond more rapidly in the case of an emergency
          • The operatives working in the boiler can be informed immediately if a fire alarm goes off
          • Communication is possible between the employees and their foreman (making the work more effective as they no longer need to walk from one place in the plant to another)
          • Experienced members of staff can provide new employees with effective support while they are training on the job

          Besides its radio communications concept, the company also has new extra low voltage LED light bulbs which are particularly suitable for the difficult working conditions involved when cleaning containers with sandblasting equipment. These bulbs last four times longer than conventional bulbs and are also much brighter. The LED bulbs are protected as a utility model.

          For more information please contact:

          Michael Giesen
          T +49 2325 3729238


      • 11.01.2017

        Certification for innovative development

        In November 2016, BUCHEN Kraftwerkservice was commended by RWE for furthering health and safety at the Karnap waste-to-energy plant (MHKW Karnap). We were presented with a safety certificate in recognition of the turnaround and cleaning work we carried out on the plant’s 4th incineration line – in particular for our new blasting helmets with their integrated communications technology.

        This patented process not only implements the required legal requirements in the process of boiler cleaning but also makes a significant contribution to the boiler cleaning work for occupational health and safety of our operatives. Furthermore it also creates requirements for efficient work procedures.

        In the future, this specialist equipment will be used for projects at other sites as well


      • 10.01.2017

        Sandblaster training course once again certified by DEKRA

        • BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH has once again received accreditation (valid for 2017) from DEKRA Certification GmbH for its level 1 sandblaster training course. BUCHEN KraftwerkService offers this course to both its own employees as well as to those working at BUCHEN UmweltService GmbH.

          This certificate confirms that the company’s further training course fully complies with DEKRA guidelines and requirements, i.e. that it meets DEKRA’s stringent criteria for this type of course. Participants learn how to handle the equipment needed for sandblasting work – starting with setting up the machinery, to using it correctly, all the way through to documenting the work safety measures. Moreover, further instructions can be taught or SCC training courses held alongside this course if necessary. Certificates are handed out to all people who successfully complete and pass this course. Customers can, therefore, rest assured that the BUCHEN Group specialists have taken part in a certified course and have sound knowledge of their field both from a theoretical and a practical point of view.


      • 07.01.2015

        Relocation from Bochum to Herne

        • At the end of last year BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH relocated its headquarter from Bochum to Herne. Because the capacity limits were already exceeded at the old location, investments were made and a new location conveniently situated and of about 10,000 m2 was created.

          Several industrial real estates were inspected in the Ruhr Area before. The decisive factor for the industrial estate of Schloss Grimberg was the excellent transport link because of its own slip road to the motorway A42. Besides the big hall for vehicles and machinery, a workshop, a washing area as well as new administration/social buildings were built. During construction it has been planned in the medium term: The structure of the building is designed to raise further levels.

          With BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH a total of 100 jobs come to the district Wanne – 91 employees are working in the operational area and they are normally on site at the customer premises.

          The new address:
          Schloßstr. 36, 44653 Herne, Germany

          • Vehicle hall

          • Office building


      • 14.01.2013

        Merger with Biermann

        • On 01 January 2013, Biermann Hochdruck-Strahltechnik GmbH merged with BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH. The company’s management team remains unchanged.
          Thanks to this decision, we are now able to offer the full range of services ourselves and make the most of the existing interfaces and synergies to benefit our customers. The same faces and names are at Biermann to help you whenever you need their support. We very much look forward to working with you in the future.

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