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BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH

Health and safety is an integral part of BUCHEN’s operations which is why it decided early on to introduce the SCC occupational safety management system into its business

Health & Safety – protecting human health and the environment

  • One of the outstanding features of our company is its extremely high expectations regarding health, safety and environmental standards. Hazards, however, can only be avoided if you are aware they actually exist. Our employees, therefore, regularly take part in training courses to raise their awareness of safety and environmental issues. Their technical knowledge and workmanship skills are continuously being developed and fine tuned in courses held at our own accredited training centre.

    An extract from our “Business Principles”

    • Environmental protection is an integral part of our work
    • Environmental laws and regulations are the minimum standard our company aims to achieve
    • Our never-ending goal is to reduce air, ground and water pollution; it goes without saying that we use our resources sparingly
    • We strengthen our environmental expertise by regularly participating in training courses and actively sharing information with others
    • We openly discuss our work with the public, authorities, customers and employees to further cement their trust in our operations
    • We ensure our QHSE standards are complied with at all times by monitoring our branch and facility operations ourselves as well as by working constructively with our customers and the authorities
  • Our training and further training programmes ensure our employees have access to the latest developments in their field

Health & Safety – always top of the list

  • Our staff are given detailed instructions about the potential risks at their place of work and the various precautionary measures they must undertake. All these potential hazards and protective measures are written down in instruction manuals that have been based on risk assessments. ‘Health & safety’ is also an essential part of all our other training and instruction modules.

    • An extract from our training & instruction modules

      • Health & safety courses as stipulated by law
      • Additional task/project-related health & safety instructions
      • Safety training courses in acc. with SCC/VCA
      • Special sandblaster training courses
      • Special high pressure cleaning courses
      • Courses on the laws governing the handling of hazardous materials

Working as a team to keep safe

  • We deploy teams to our customers that have been put together according to specific guidelines and consist of highly qualified operatives. Each team has at least one safety officer and a first aider. Every member of staff has been trained in line with the health and safety standards set out for refineries. 

    • Staff qualifications:

      • A sound knowledge of German
      • Systematic provision of general and task-specific instructions (monitored with SAP)*
      • Medical check-ups in acc. with G 1.4/2/8/20/25/26.3/30/32/40/41
      • Training courses to use respiratory equipment
      • Training courses to use high pressure equipment (theory and practice)
      • SCC courses and exams in acc. with 4.2 und 4.3
      • Qualified fork-lift truck drivers (50%)
      • Own occupational safety experts and QM officers
      • DEKRA-certified sandblaster training course (theory and practice)

      * Health & safety instructions are documented in the safety passports


  • BUCHEN KraftwerkService has – at the very least – all quality and safety management accreditations needed to perform its work. 

    Our accreditations, permits and qualifications:

    • Quality management in acc. with EN ISO 9001
    • Safety management in acc. with SCCP
    • Specialist business in acc. with WHG (Federal Water Act)
    • VGB SeSAM contractor’s qualification
    • Level 1 sandblaster training course
BUCHEN KraftwerkService GmbH 
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    All departments are certified to the required extent in quality and safety management throughout Europe.

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